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Do you think Norman Park will benefit from the new Rotary Splash Park and Hoopla Island summer attractions?

No   22     17%
Yes   111     83%
 Total Votes: 133

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Dale  ( July 12, 2019)
The Island is way too expensive, I think it would be difficult for a parent with a five year old (who cannot go on the island) and a seven year old who can? Who is paying the water bill for the Splash Park? I know my water bill is outrageous, it's the most expensive bill I pay each month, my home and auto insurance is cheaper.
Kurt  ( July 12, 2019)
It sure is a busy place now. Good to see kids outdoors having fun. The best part is the free Splash Park. Thanks to the Rotary Club for that.
The Island thing, is too expensive. A family might use it for a birthday party etc. but for daily use, too expensive.
Britt  ( July 11, 2019)
It has drawn a lot more people to the park already. Everyone can use it. The island thing is too expensive for daily use. A family might use it for a special event, but not every day. I have already seen parents dealing with crying fits from their kids, because they can't go on it.
Norman Beach is the last beach you can swim at in June and by late August cools off fast. The current sweeping down the lake keeps the water mixed and keeps the temperature low.
Sheila   ( July 11, 2019)
It's really nice to have a fun, outdoor activity place for the kids to enjoy their summer holidays. It is also a good use for the space, hopefully it will not get vandalized.