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Will you be supporting one or more of the groups, activities or events during the Week of Action Against Poverty, Feb. 10-16?
No   82     57%
Yes   61     43%
 Total Votes: 143

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been there  ( February 13, 2019)
The fact that supporters come together every February to do what they can to raise awareness and donations to address poverty and homelessness in Kenora speaks volumes about the culture of caring that is evident in Kenora. At least people recognize there is a problem with poverty here and are trying to do something positive to respond to the situation rather than just pretending it doesn't exist or hoping it will go away. Those who blame the poor for their plight may find themselves in similar dire straights some day and then who will they blame?
TH  ( February 12, 2019)
If people would check out the facts, there would be better dialogue. An individual on Ontario Works receives a maximum of $733. A senior on basic public pension receives $1499.77. As citizens we should educate ourselves on the issues that affect our community. I am finding the Walk In Others Shoes blog very interesting. I thank the volunteer challengers for helping us to understand.
Britt  ( February 12, 2019)
It is just another way of giving donated money to people who for the most part are fit and intelligent enough to work. From year to year, nothing changes.
sara  ( February 11, 2019)
I know that people can fall on hard times, and most try to make an effort to get back on track. I helped out a few times at the church, making and serving supper. Most of the people who attended, smoked cigarettes, had cell phones and got angry with me when I gave them only one pair of winter socks, that I purchased to give to everyone that came through the door with my own money. They seem to expect assistance, they need jobs, that gives you a sense of worth.
SK  ( February 11, 2019)
Our office is raising funds for the Minto Family Resource Centre.
BN  ( February 11, 2019)
I helped with the Red Ribbon campaign. It is great to see People First working to help others by raising awareness.
Have a Heart  ( February 11, 2019)
Thank you to all community members who donate their time and resources to help people who are less fortunate in Kenora. Your efforts are much appreciated!
egk  ( February 10, 2019)
The majority of these people have more money than lots of pensioners. The problem is that where this money is being spent before they go to the soup kitchens and get fed again and again. The habit will never change unless we reduce the money they get.
Nan Normand  ( February 9, 2019)
Had a great time at Celebrate last night-great music, heard good news and raised money for a good cause