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Do you feel the City of Kenora does an adequate job at winter road maintenance?
No   107     75%
Yes   36     25%
 Total Votes: 143

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Matt  ( January 15, 2019)
I have been to Fort Frances, Dryden, even Sioux Narrows. They have better road conditions.
Georgia Marchant  ( January 15, 2019)
Not a bad job - when they get around to it. They say they try to get the main roads plowed within 36 hours of a snowfall, but after the last two snowfalls, it was more than 36 hours before there was any evidence of plowing on Main and Second Streets South.
Taxed to Death  ( January 15, 2019)
The City of Kenora has done a very poor job maintaining the roads this winter. I guess they know it too as they had to enclose a propaganda pamphlet about their road program in everyone's tax bill. Definitely need more direction. The sidewalk plow goes by and an hour later the plow goes by and all the banks are on the sidewalk again.
Frustrated taxpayer  ( January 15, 2019)
Very poor job done of the plowing or no plowing done. Streets in Lakeside are almost one lane only. Second Street which is a main highway is so narrow and a ban of no parking should be enforced. There is a back lane for vehicles on that street.
I think the city has forgotten how to use sand and salt as the streets and sidewalks are very slippery. Yes drivers need to slow down and drive to conditions but when you are driving with caution and slow and still slide through intersections you know it is bad. The intersections at the Rec Centre and Safeway are ones of concern.
Perhaps the city needs to have a night shift to get plowing and snow removal done in the downtown to remove the banks so you don't have to try to climb them to pay those things we have to plug for parking.
Come on Kenora can't you do a better job? The younger ones operating the plows, etc unfortunately did not get trained by the retired guys on how to do a good job.
Concerned Pedestrian  ( January 14, 2019)
The roads and sidewalks are terrible, and the only excuse is “the snow removal budget is almost almost dissolved.” According to the city’s calculations: it is more expensesive to purchase sand than it to purchase salt. And yet they claim to mix the whole pile and use it, even though the city exclaims that the salt is ineffective past -18 degrees. Waste of money. Why use the salt in ineffective weather? Ask yourself again, and then ask your council buddies during coffee. It doesn’t matter how slow you drive, you will still end up rear ending or end up getting rear ended due to the improper use of materials such as salt and sand. Get the highway crews to clear the main Hwy 17 that runs through the city at bare minimum as it too much cost for city crews to maintain.
concerned citizen  ( January 13, 2019)
With everyone parking on both sides of the roads in Lakeside and with all the snowbanks it is like a one way street. We shovel our areas at home and the city always plows us back in. There is no common courtesy any more!
Stan  ( January 12, 2019)
It seems there is confusion with snow plowing and snow removal. Snow plowing is good, snow removal not so much. Plow the streets and right behind follow with snow removal and your street would then be passable both ways. Sidewalk plowing seems debatable. Astounded to see a woman in a motorized wheelchair stuck on the sidewalk by Safeway but yet very proud and thankful to see at least three people rushing to provide her with their help and assistance.
Pete  ( January 10, 2019)
Not at all the person running the show is apparently a joke who does not want anything done. Parking on the street is year round because its too far to walk from the backyard, no by-laws enforced. My road has not even been plowed this year
pk  ( January 10, 2019)
I have no problem with the streets, after all it is winter and you drive to road conditions. My complaint would be the snow banks on the streets in front of the parking meters. It is almost impossible for someone with mobility issues to get onto the side walks.
this guy  ( January 9, 2019)
The railroad crossing at the bottom of the Evergreen hill is almost a single lane. A school bus and car can barely pass, not to mention the herd of deer in the area.