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Do you agree with the political action taken by Premier Doug Ford and the provincial government on sex education in Ontario schools?
No   108     64%
Yes   60     36%
 Total Votes: 168

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  ( September 11, 2018)
The sex ed consultation process was done with cherry picked respondents. It was the type of process employed when one wants a specific result. According to those that wanted the program repealed, it was because (apparently) much of the program was considered not age appropriate and in some cases "over the top". Want to get to the bottom of this? Lay out the curriculum in detail instead of just arguing philosophies. It's a very controversial subject. What's next for education? Teaching children the correct political party to vote for?
new guy  ( September 11, 2018)
The premier is trying to roll back the clock on sex education curriculum for political reasons when the health and well being of students should be the provincial government's main concern
Step forward  ( September 8, 2018)
Doug Ford and Greg Rickford are clearly pandering to their social conservative base. The sex-ed curriculum received thousands of hours of consultation with parents before it was implemented in 2015. Most Ontario parents approved, despite the results of last June's election. Still, a small group of zealots are determined to control our education system to the danger and detriment of our young people. Not unexpected!
Cynical in Kenora  ( September 7, 2018)
There seems to be some disagreement on how egregious Wynne's sex ed program really is. It would be nice to know what is real and what is hyperbole. Maybe the schools should concentrate on some less controversial things like personal finances, household budgeting, income tax, mortgages and other matters the kids will eventually have thrust upon them. Just like sex ed, many parents don't have a clue about these things.
pk  ( September 6, 2018)
I think Ford made the right call on this subject. I think parents should have had some say in this matter. Not all kids develop at the same rate and who but parents would know best for their children. I believe some of the subject is necessary for protection but teaching that all types of sex is normal is not right.
Josie  ( September 5, 2018)
It is a good thing to have sex education in Grade schools starting at age 11 because some kids do not receive enough information at home but the Liberals went overboard on the inclusion of some of the information in their new program. The premier has said that his government intends to review the Liberal program and make some changes or bring in one of his own. He is not outright banning sex education in schools.