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Do you agree with the decision by Premier Ford to merge the ministries of Energy, Northern Development and Mines and Indigenous Affairs with Kenora MPP Greg Rickford as minister?
No   41     38%
Yes   67     62%
 Total Votes: 108

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Kenora voice  ( July 9, 2018)
Indigenous Affairs is an afterthought to Ford and Rickford. As MP he neglected his constituents when he had one ministry, so don't expect better service when they've given him three!
D,V,  ( July 9, 2018)
We haven't got anyone better than him. I think he will do a great job......
Jack  ( July 8, 2018)
I believe Rickford will be a top notch Minister and handle the work load even though he has a lot on his plate.
Hartley  ( July 8, 2018)
Makes sense. They are departments that affect Northerners mainly. Who better to understand the needs and directions these departments need to take.
pk  ( July 6, 2018)
I think Mr. Rickford will handle the job very well. He has proven himself as an MP. Just because the Liberals need three men for every job doesn't mean the Conservatives do.
Josie  ( July 6, 2018)
Greg Rickford is a hardworking and dedicated man and will be able to competently handle the three ministries he was given. His work ethic and his knowledge will bode him well.