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Do you think winter maintenance on roads and highways in the Kenora district has improved as a result of privatization?
No   70     72%
Yes   27     28%
 Total Votes: 97

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Hartley  ( April 18, 2018)
I have spent a lot of time on the roads the last few winters. You can't say in general that privatization is good or bad. Between Kenora and Vermilion Bay, there are four or five different contractors. Each one has good and bad sections of highways. Add to that the difference in terrain, elevation and weather conditions and it is hard to compare. The problem I see is a human issue. People expect the road to be clear if there is a small snowfall, drivers don't drive to conditions and a lot of semi drivers are poorly trained and have no experience with winter driving conditions. I am for privatization in general though. Gets rid of union interference, high wages, foolish benefits etc. A contractor only employs the bulk of their employees in winter. Doesn't have to pay them all year round. Speaking of privatization, I strongly feel that would be beneficial to LCBO customers!
Kim  ( April 14, 2018)
The government has to privatise. They're so far in debt they can't afford to pay government wages, pensions or benefits, building, trucks etc.. This is what happens when debt and deficits are so high. The Province has to pay $12.5 billion in interest on the debt in 2018. Roads are no better or worse than before. When the Province cuts back to the municipalities, we'll see fewer services privatised there too, we'll have to.
Josie  ( April 13, 2018)
There have been far too many casualties since the privatization of the highways. When the maintenance was run by the government the standards were much better and we need to get back to that. Travelling along Highway 1 from Ontario to Manitoba there is a major difference in the maintenance with Manitoba being fully plowed right to the border and if we are lucky the Ontario side will get at least one plowing after the onslaught of a heavy snow storm. There are times when drivers coming from Winnipeg had to stop over at Falcon Lake because the Ontario roads were still not plowed and too bad to travel on. It is definitely time to return the maintenance to the government employees who are held more accountable.
p.k  ( April 11, 2018)
I don't think that there has been anything that is better or less expensive after privatization. If I remember correctly the DHO or later MTO used to plow when it was still snowing and got a good head start. Now they wait till the snow stops and is all packed down and turned to ice. The old system was much better.
Pete  ( April 11, 2018)

The roads have not been any good at anytime by anyone.