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Have frozen city water lines been a problem for your home or business so far during this unusually cold winter?
No   48     83%
Yes   10     17%
 Total Votes: 58

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been there done that  ( January 16, 2018)
If you do have to call the city to get frozen pipes thawed just be sure to schedule during regular hours as the charge triples for emergency calls after working hours
iced up  ( January 12, 2018)
I remember in the past we used to run bleeder lines or left a tap dripping in the kitchen, try that now with our great new sewer and water rates, so lets dig up the roads instead.
  ( January 11, 2018)
"Unusually cold winter" is a minor contributor to frozen water lines.
John  ( January 11, 2018)
This is not an unusually cold winter. We have had colder weather years ago, which is more like the norm with old sewer and water lines it is bound to happen; constant frost movement in the ground. Welcome to Canada.
C.  ( January 10, 2018)
Sewer smell. Stink stack smell. Call it what you want. Come for a walk along a certain section of Rabbit Lake Road and let your nose do the test. Something is wrong here. Good think we do not open our windows for fresh air in the winter.