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Are you satisfied with the city snow clearing efforts following the winter storm this week and record 30 cm snowfall?
No   61     52%
Yes   57     48%
 Total Votes: 118

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Not on the good job bandwagon  ( December 13, 2017)
I live on Doner avenue and I haven't seen a plow this year yet. A couple of neighbors with quads have been cleaning the streets in that area. I think I am getting ripped off by the city.
JD  ( December 12, 2017)
Three years ago Drewry Drive was repaved and curbs put in. It is a nice wide street. The current plow guy, on a front end loader of all things, will make two passes down the street. It leaves a very narrow route to drive, because residents there also need to park. The snow pack is pretty deep because they don't plow down to the pavement and the street narrow because they would need to make at least four passes to do it right!
Heather  ( December 12, 2017)
The initial attack after the big storm got people and traffic moving ok, but afterwards, the town hasn't cleaned up the roads very well at all. The bridge over the rail line on Matheson has deep tracks that bottom out your vehicle and the town is a mess!
Al  ( December 11, 2017)
The town definitely needs a parking ban on all main streets so the roads can be cleaned up better. Many back lanes do not get plowed so people can't get to their yards that is why they are on the streets.
snow job  ( December 9, 2017)
Not too bad a response by city crews that was a lot of snow. One question, with the recent dump of snow why can't residents of Second Street south park in their yards at back, most of the north side have lane access as well as a good portion of the south side residents really makes the road narrow. Maybe we need to look at the bylaws?
john  ( December 8, 2017)
i really do not believe that the operators are trained to plow snow properly they did the road in front of my place and took a good portion of of yards away which we will have to pay for to fix. They do not plow the roads down to the pavement. They also worry about downtown. Well if i can't get out of my yard I guess I don't go downtown.
Pete  ( December 8, 2017)
Look at the streets and they are not plowed. The blades need to be put down. Why don't they use a truck that plows and sands at the same time instead of graders? This would save a lot of time and money less workers they keep saying they have a shortage of.
Glen  ( December 7, 2017)
My biggest complaint is the windrows left by the graders that impede traffic flow from side streets.
An example - Drewry Drive was not plowed until 4 a.m. on Wednesday. During the previous days, Valley Drive was plowed by the grader. Each time leaving a windrow across Drewry. If you didn't get stuck on Drewry, you did when you had to break across the windrow.
Another complaint is why is ByLaw Enforcement is not going after residents who are depositing snow on roads and city property. Every guy with a quad seems to feel it is okay to plow snow onto or across the roads!
Jonathen  ( December 7, 2017)
Snow removal should be brought into the mix. Regarding 2nd street not being able to park on the street but to park in the back lane is ridiculous! Are you referring to the unploughed non existing back lanes on the south side of the street? Have you noticed there is no place for any snow anywhere in Town to be left? I say the snow should be removed.
pc  ( December 7, 2017)
Always nice to see snow pushed on roadway from driveways making it harder for snow clearing and the parking on the streets makes it worse.