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Kenora city council recently decided to allow private retailers to sell cannabis within the municipality. Do you agree with this decision?
No   35     34%
Yes   68     66%
 Total Votes: 103

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RM  ( January 8, 2019)
I am already spending a substantial amount of money purchasing product from Winnipeg retailers. I love seeing all of the happy faces in the outlets, with proud purchases. I tell those employers of how I am excited for the long wait for Ontario to have retail outlets. Think about it, I spend at minimum $200 in product for about a week, totaling in 14-16 grams. Money maker for this Northwestern economy. Thank you Mr. Prime Minister for "Making Canada Great!"
John  ( January 8, 2019)
I believe the Enterprise is a very biased newspaper they do not want to print the truth about things that happen in this town people want to know the truth not what you feel.
Gus  ( January 8, 2019)
Does anyone know what is the procedure for applying for such a store? How much is the city charging for a license? The previous mayor and council were concerned that the sale of cannabis would drive the policing costs up, the current mayor and council is basically the same, what changed?
pk again  ( January 7, 2019)
I do agree with this decision and would have no problem with any of council members getting the license. It would be no different than a councillor running any other business and serving the community.
lk  ( January 7, 2019)
It's legal, so why not have another small business in the city to generate tax dollars, only makes sense.
Josie  ( January 3, 2019)
It all depends on who gets the contract. If it is a member of Council, would it be a "Conflict of Interest"?