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Do you think 2019 will be a prosperous year for Kenora and its residents?
No   111     79%
Yes   30     21%
 Total Votes: 141

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kay  ( December 26, 2018)
My friends just make it from one pay to the next, expenses go up,but wages don't. Pay to pay, no extra, it's really hard to live and find affordable housing. Lots of people move to Winnipeg for lower housing costs.
reality 2019  ( December 26, 2018)
It is always nice to start a new year with a sense of optimism, but it is hard to adopt that sense when we are being taxed to death and witness some poor decisions on behalf of council (i.e. The new facility for the east highway) There's some city jobs also that are not producing any results and should be seriously scrutinized.
Boxing Day   ( December 26, 2018)
To constantly blame Kenora's economic woes on the federal or provincial ruling party is nothing short of being ridiculous.
Tim Francis   ( December 25, 2018)
Nothing will change with a Conservative Government in Ottawa. Nothing has changed with a Conservative Government at Queens Park. Nothing will ever change if Kenora without an attitude adjustment at the municipal level. Anyone can anonymously rant and rave about such nonsense but in reality the real problems in Kenora (rampant drug use, over taxation, no work force etc) can only be overcome at local levels. Does anyone really think Andrew Scheer (wonder how many actually know his name, let alone can spell it correctly) will actually improve Kenora's economy?
concerned citizen  ( December 24, 2018)
As long as the Rec centre does not get twinned it will be a good New Year! With all the rates going up for water, taxes etc why would you still push another "White elephant" Forget the 'Twinning of the Rec centre and focus on other important issues!
p.k  ( December 22, 2018)
I don't think things will be well anywhere until we get a government change at the Federal level.
Brandon  ( December 21, 2018)
If you look at the larger employees in town,like the Hospital,school boards and all the associated spin off agencies, they are all government funded. If the government cuts back on those positions, there goes a lot of tax and spending dollars.
When you have government funded agencies passing out tax dollars as Christmas bonuses it really says there is too much money and dollars can be cut.
ELAINE  ( December 20, 2018)
With no full time work people will mot stay .If they have to stay they work 2 jobs to make ends meet. I went to a meeting and heard that 50 per cent of kenora people make less than $40,000 a year. Come on council where is the money coming from?
Paula  ( December 20, 2018)
I think Ontario voted for austerity and Kenora and Northwestern Ontario is probably 70% subsitised (we don't have the economy to pave 10 km of highway if we had to) and times will be tough - unless we go back to our roots and develop our natural resources. There is no social development without economic growth, so get that in your heads.
John  ( December 20, 2018)
I believe once again we will taxed to death with this new council and put us further in the hole with things we do not need. The young are leaving, does anybody in this town get it?