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Do you feel the spirit of the Christmas season is alive and well among residents of Kenora?
No   24     15%
Yes   132     85%
 Total Votes: 156

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merry christmas  ( December 4, 2018)
The spirit of Christmas is alive and well with the residents, but as far as downtown, aside from the beautiful tree the rest is pathetic. Where are the lights that used to cross cross Main Street from pole to pole. The trees along Main street? No lights? Pathetic.
Jack  ( December 4, 2018)
I despair how Christmas is being denigrated by the so called elite of this country. It is no longer OK to wish someone "Merry Christmas" and most Christmas carols are forbidden to be sung because someone, somewhere may be offended. This is Trudeau's open
borders Canada of today. Truly shameful.
Tim Francis   ( December 3, 2018)
Lots of up votes, things must be just humming right along in good old Kenora.
The tree's nice.
pk  ( December 2, 2018)
Judging by the results of the Miracle Marathon, I would say yes.
deb  ( November 29, 2018)
The city looks great, the parade was a success and the Festival of Trees is still going strong...it's nice to see all the community participate in all the Holiday events.
greg  ( November 29, 2018)
Look downtown... there are no lighted decorations on all the poles or any decorations at all. Just because the tree is up it still doesnt look like Christmas. It looked better in the 90s