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Are you more optimistic today than you were a year ago that Highway 17 twinning between Kenora and the Manitoba border will proceed?
No   51     50%
Yes   51     50%
 Total Votes: 102

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Yes  ( November 27, 2018)
I am optimistic that by the time Section 3 will be completed, that I will no longer be driving.
lenny  ( November 27, 2018)
The terrain forbids it financially.
  ( November 26, 2018)
Yes, Ford is a man of action.
lk  ( November 25, 2018)
This has been an on going issue since 1973, so seeing is believing.Just like lower gas prices, still waiting!!!
Pete  ( November 22, 2018)
i strongly believe we do not need this the way people drive now will only get worse speeding from here to Winnipeg single lane or double lane is crazy there are no police doing anything just watch from Winnipeg to Falcon Lake careless drivers and speeders. We have enough accidents as it is now there will be more.
Hartley  ( November 21, 2018)
With the PC government in place, there is a lot of optimism that the work will be done. The Wynne Liberals spent the money originally designated for the job.