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Do you agree with the proposed relocation of the Northland Residence Bail and Bed program to a new location on Highway 17 East?
No   102     69%
Yes   46     31%
 Total Votes: 148

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bb  ( November 6, 2018)
A new facility is very much needed for clients to have any success at sobriety and making life changes.
zs  ( November 6, 2018)
The city council needs to look at past polls, there are not very many tax payers that vote "yes" to any items being posted on the weekly poll comments. I don't think the local taxs payers are too happy. We are getting ripped off for gas, groceries, taxes,sewer and water... please make some smart decisions, and this is not one of them.
RM  ( November 5, 2018)
I would say yes, it doesn't benefit the people who are trying to do better for themselves for them to be stuck downtown where all the drug and alcohol abuse is. They (Northland residents) will have a "Healthier" place of living, such as everyone else desires in this town. Come on people, stop thinking of yourselves and let's help as much people as we can in this town. We're all great peeps!
Roxanne  ( November 5, 2018)
I agree with the comment about rebuilding the Northland. There are numerous empty buildings downtown. Why not use some of those?
Paul  ( November 5, 2018)
Once again the town pushes through something no one wants.
Heather  ( November 3, 2018)
The reality is that we need a new facility and it has to go somewhere. I do think that the City needs to be more transparent, providing accurate disclosure on proposed developments.
area resident  ( November 2, 2018)
First issue it is not Hwy. 17 East but Pine Portage Road near Fourth Street south of a residential area. All you 'yes' voters are entitled to your opinion but we failed to see you at any of the zoning meetings to voice in favor of. But then it's not your backyard nor any of the councillors'. Second issue is how close this institution is to The Women"s shelter on Pine Portage Road. We have an institution in our yards already its called the Kenora Jail. But then again it's not in your backyard. How about Southpark or Shauna Crescent for a location its only residential same as our area. Very disappointed with council and their rubber stamp attitude. But then again its not in their backyard.
ELAINE  ( November 2, 2018)
Yes i agree and while you are thinking of this our Beer Store and LCBO need to be farther out of the city.
pk again  ( November 2, 2018)
I would bet all the yeses don't live close to that area.
nimby  ( November 1, 2018)
So a lame duck council decides to throw a wrench into peoples lives. Guess this is what Canfield means by getting rid of red tape, just plow thru whatever suits your fancy. Shameful, really.