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Are you optimistic that Kenora's new mayor and council will champion the best interests of the community at the provincial and federal government levels?
No   104     70%
Yes   45     30%
 Total Votes: 149

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pc  ( December 19, 2018)
Same old news , who is going to pay for the water at the water park? Who pays for expanded museum? Our taxes. We really need this?
Tim Francis   ( December 18, 2018)
Getting people to pay their fare share regarding the sewer and water rates is a good start. I was not aware that I was subsidizing others while they reap the benefits. They should however phase these increases in over three years and not five, they’ve freeloaded long enough. Perhaps Mr. Reynard has injected some long needed common sense into local politics?
  ( December 18, 2018)
I am hoping that our water problems are solved, raising our taxes and now this new water and sewer money grab. what next? Whose fault is it that these buildings only have one water meteor? Town of Kenora? The contractor? Who inspected these buildings when they were built? Where they built to code? Seniors or any one else cannot afford these threatening raises in our water and sewer bills.
lk  ( December 17, 2018)
The water meter issue is causing problems with local affordable housing. So if that can't be resolved, I highly doubt they will be able to handle federal or provincial situations.
al  ( December 17, 2018)
Definitly not. They released the results of on-line voting and said 45% of people are in favor of twinning the rink how many people actually voted on-line for this? I never. Once again using numbers that are wrong. Same council.
Jack  ( December 16, 2018)
Same old bunch so I expect nothing different. Big on dreaming and not so big on doing what beleaguered taxpayers want and expect, like holding the line on
pk again  ( December 15, 2018)
I would hope the new council would work hard at attracting some kind of large industry, so our utility rates don't have to keep climbing to pay expenses.
Hartley  ( December 14, 2018)
They inherited everything previous councils couldn't solve, so there will not be a lot accomplished.mNo doubt sooner than later, twinning the ice surface will raise its ugly head. That had better be put to a plebicite! Not needed!
John  ( December 14, 2018)
I don't believe in them at all. It is as bad as checking into the high gas prices. What a joke. It seems as soon as something is said the price goes down.
concerned citizen  ( December 13, 2018)
With the same old council it will be the same old thing tax; us too death. It will be positive if they forget twinning the rec centre!