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Are you satisfied with the accomplishments of Premier Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives now in their sixth month of a majority provincial government?
No   93     56%
Yes   74     44%
 Total Votes: 167

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Gus  ( November 15, 2018)
How quickly people seem to forget the mess Mike Harris left the Ontario taxpayer......remember all the down loading on municipalities? I am a conservative as well.
Al  ( November 14, 2018)
Premier Ford has not helped Northern Ont. yet as far as gas. Remember we have to pay for winter gas soon.
Josie  ( November 13, 2018)
Rome was not built in a day so you need to have a little patience. Premier Ford has a lot of things to correct since the fiasco of the last government in Ontario. Ford is presently waiting for financial reports from the auditors concerning all government departments and this takes time. According to Mr. Rickford, the government has already dropped the gas tax 5 cents per litre so why has it not dropped at the pumps. The price per barrel has also dropped on the markets, and we are definitely being gouged. When that happens everything goes up, including groceries.
pk  ( November 13, 2018)
So far I think the new Premier is doing a good job. They were left quite a mess by the Liberals and many of the vote buying schemes were very expensive and intended to make the new government look bad when they had to backtrack on some. The only thing I'm disappointed with is that buck a beer did not materialize.
Tim Francis   ( November 13, 2018)
Botched the marijuana rollout. Buck a beer was just a vote grab. Did anyone really think a Premier could tell the beer producers what to charge? The only one to benefit from the ten cent rollback on the price of fuel was the oil companies and their shareholders. People should be more concerned with the obvious collusion going on with the local gas stations. No variance in the prices and exact same price increases and decreases happening within minutes of each other. People must move on and quit blaming the Liberals for everything, lame at best. For what itís worth, I voted for the Conservatives last provincial election.
lk  ( November 12, 2018)
The promise of lower gas prices definately happened in southern Ontario, 104. to 108. in Toronto, but once you get to Thunder Bay you pay 142.6, we are stuck at 139.9, so when the tourist season arrives next May we will probably be at 145. or higher. So we really can't be a boating destination. But it's good to know that "buck a beer" was a real issue to the Premier.
Hartley  ( November 12, 2018)
After what the Liberals left behind, Ford has a lot of work to do. For those groups used to unneeded handouts,the gravy train has derailed.
Congratulation on the first six months. Hopefully next year we can put a PC government back in Ottawa and end the gong show.
ELAINE  ( November 11, 2018)
Maybe if every province, city, town, municipality takes a step back, Canada may get out of debt. The next generation are going to pay for our mistakes. We seem to hand out money like it grows on trees.
Pete  ( November 9, 2018)
Out to lower gas prices in Ontario it went up a while ago when (the premier) said it would go down. Gas Buddy says there is not much hope but Manitoba is down around a $1.02 in places and once again we have not moved we were always around $0.11 different we are $0.29. Expain that.
egk  ( November 8, 2018)
The mess left behind by the Liberals will be hard to fix. Where is our 10 cents a liter on gas or did the gas companies just pocket more of our money? Too many hand outs to special interest groups cut that by 90 per cent... pretty hard to do because these groups have lots of left wing support. Good luck.