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Do you support local businesses by shopping locally during Canada Small Business Week?
No   39     54%
Yes   33     46%
 Total Votes: 72

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Al  ( October 24, 2018)
i shop at Costco lots, gas prices are secondary. I can fill 20 ibs. propane tanks for around $10.00 i bring five tanks up for $50 here it costs you $27. A tank of gas for my truck is $164 dollars here, Costco was $125, groceries were $320 here $198 even if you have to pay the $56 dollars a yesr membership I shop there at least once a month.
Gas prices  ( October 21, 2018)
A trip to Winnipeg is approximately $50 in gas. No matter what price you pay for it. Therefore you have already spent approx. $50 to go to Winnipeg before you save any money.
pk  ( October 20, 2018)
I do try to do most of my shopping locally. Sometimes prices and selection cause a trip to Wpg. but most is done here. I have never bought a vehicle other than local and will not shop online.
Paul  ( October 19, 2018)
Local businesses are to high priced I shop in Winnipeg. The difference on big ticket items make up for any travel, plus groceries, gasoline, selection etc. is way cheaper. I do not know how people can say it is not. As far as repairs go, the way things are made it is rare for something major to go wrong.
egk  ( October 19, 2018)
We try but selection is so poor we just have to go out of town and the trip to Winnipeg is virtually free when you can by gas for 30 plus cents a litre less then in good old Kenora...
Greg T.  ( October 19, 2018)
I try to. However Costco beckons!! Also big ticket items like a TV etc. I buy in Winnipeg. By the way if you buy a car at an out of town dealership, the warranty has to be honored at any of that brands dealerships.
k town shopper  ( October 19, 2018)
We try to shop local when we can, but sometimes variety and sizes are limited and thus we head west. But really the gas prices $1.06 per litre at Winnipeg location (and not Costco) $1.39 here come on K-town enough is enough, heck Westhawk is only $1.21 the excuses are wearing pretty thin. How come all the retailers are the same price if some are selfserve.
JMC  ( October 18, 2018)
I shop local because it does not make sense to travel miles away (in a car), to save a few cents on a small purchase. As for a big ticket item (Car). It still doesn't make sense. When you have to travel back to place of purchase for warranty coverage.
Hartley  ( October 17, 2018)
I try to all year around. However inventory selection, price and service quite often send me to Winnipeg.
dl  ( October 17, 2018)
I try to shop local, but some prices are out of reach for someone on a fixed income. Women's clothing is quite expensive, so I shop on line for that. Also sometimes it's very difficult to find some basic items, so I will go to Wpg for more variety and buy cheaper gas.