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Are you satisfied with the municipal election results and the candidates who will form the next Kenora City Council?
No   71     68%
Yes   34     32%
 Total Votes: 105

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lk  ( October 30, 2018)
It would have been nice to have more than one new council member, I hope she can have some input. Our taxes need to be spent more wisely, and used for all tax payers, not just downtown businesses. The taxes that have been collected from Jaffrey Melick residents since amalgamation could certainly entitle them to a half decent road to travel on, it can't be good for children on a school bus.
concerned citizen  ( October 27, 2018)
I am worried the people elected will push twinning the rec centre. We had opportunity years ago - the one in J&M and the one at Rat Potage. Gee where are they at now?? So I hope they will focus on important issues like fixing the streets of Kenora and area, upgrade sewer and water, parking, boat launches, jobs, less welfare, snow removal and when this is all done and paid for then maybe consider it. I will not support or pay taxes for the twinning of the Rec Centre!
JD  ( October 26, 2018)
People don't realize that the sewer and water increases are provincially mandated. The failed Liberals dumped it on cities to cover their own sewer and water infrastructure costs. Same as taxes. The city receives figures on a tax increase from MPAC. Then they have to try and shave expenditures to keep the increase low. Our new council, or in this case the old boys returning and the one new one, can't change a darn thing. They can bury foolish ideas like a new ice surface though.
kenora votes  ( October 26, 2018)
First order is to offer 'kudo's" to the candidates who offered to let their names stand for election. It sure would have been nice to see some more new faces elected. I thought there was some great new young up and coming talent but the voters thought otherwise. So we have to settle for re-runs so to speak, but that's politics.
egk  ( October 26, 2018)
l can only hope that the new council puts an end to hiring more people the city is one of the biggest employers in Northwest Ontario, A freeze would only hurt the local coffee shops but sure help taxpayers......
pk again  ( October 26, 2018)
It seems by their comment in the paper all were in support of reasonable rent apartments which is good. If the new council proceeds with the water meter issue the old council was planning will definitely cause rent to rise in these existing apartments.
Rob  ( October 26, 2018)
How is it that all incumbent councilors seeking re-election and two former councilors not that far removed from Municipal politics were re-elected when Poll results from MyKenora.com seemed to indicate that by majority most tax payers in Kenora disagreed with the direction the Mayor and Council were taking on Municipal matters.
YJ  ( October 25, 2018)
Hopefully the people who voted 'no' at least took the time to vote, if not you have no right to complain
dl  ( October 25, 2018)
Our taxes need to be used more wisely, instead of increasing the taxes and water rates, we live on a huge lake, let's get real.? The tax distribution pie chart does not apply to all tax payers, the majority of those services do not apply to Coney Island or Jaffray Mellick residents... no fire truck can go to Coney.... and good luck sending an ambulance down the Essex Road.
ELAINE  ( October 25, 2018)
Where are all the votes. Let me tell you not one councilor that ran for a seat knocked on my door and introduced them selves. I do hope that the new council open their eyes next summer and see how dirty our city is with over grown grass and weeds. I pay taxed so I can have a clean city