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Do you think the number of seats on Kenora city council should be reduced as is being proposed for Toronto as a cost saving measure for taxpayers?
No   554     93%
Yes   44     7%
 Total Votes: 598

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Gus  ( September 26, 2018)
I agree the number should be reduced and a ward system used to elect council representatives. Kenora two councilors representing Kenora, one for Keewatin and one for JM. As for special interest groups imposing their will on a smaller council.....jeepers that is exactly what has been happening since amalgamation.
Roxanne  ( September 25, 2018)
Cynical in Kenora commented that having too few councillors could make it easier for special interest groups to impose their will. How is that different than whatís happening now with six councillors? I donít think we need to reduce the number of councillors but what we desperately need are some new unbiased councillors who will make decisions based on what Kenora taxpayers want rather than cater to business/special interest groups. I also think one of the major questions to ask these new candidates is what their views are on the expansion of the Rec Centre.
stan  ( September 24, 2018)
It would be nice if at least one council member had some interest in the Jaffrey Melick area, the only councilor with wanting any vokes from that area is Sharon Smith, that is the only sign I see posted. Big taxes for not too much... can't even sell, no one wants to pay those outrageous taxes.
JMC  ( September 24, 2018)
I agree with the ward system comment. The person representing the ward should actually live in that area as well.
Paula  ( September 22, 2018)
I think six councilors is a couple too many. Four is ok, and there should only be 1 public school system in Ontario and only 2 school trusties for Kenora. Counsilors should not be social(ism) media hound dogs, they should be neutral and objective, not lobbying, promoting their political views.
Cynical in Kenora  ( September 22, 2018)
Toronto had a silly amount of councillors but be careful of having too few. Too few could make it easier for a special interest group to impose their will.
Hartley  ( September 21, 2018)
Not really a comparison. The number we have is adequate,given the attendance rate of a few. It could be done with fewer. But some of the rules stopping development and forcing sewer and water rate increases need to go.
xl  ( September 21, 2018)
Ford's legislation to reduce Toronto council is more about his childish snit over losing the mayorality race there in 2016. However, I doubt if he will pass up on the opportunity to remove pesky democratically-elected underlings in future.
pk  ( September 20, 2018)
I think Kenora's council is a good size. They seem to get along and get things done. I wish that whoever is in next council could do something to lower our high water bills.
dl  ( September 20, 2018)
The number of seats on city council should be directed by the size of the city they represent.