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Are you satisfied with the level of medical and health care services currently available in the Kenora area?
No   53     69%
Yes   24     31%
 Total Votes: 77

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Pk  ( September 19, 2018)
Speaking from my experiences, I think we have it pretty good. I had one of the best doctors in town and never had problems getting appointments when needed. If he thought there was a problem there was no trouble setting up an appointment in Winnipeg with the appropriate specialist. My doctor has now retired so don't know what the future will hold.
not impressed  ( September 18, 2018)
Don't expect any action from our new MPP Greg Rickford on health care. He scoffed at the idea of a new hospital before he was defeated as an MP.
egk  ( September 17, 2018)
We happened to have to go to emergency a couple of weeks ago. We came in by ambulance and it still took two hours to get a doctor who came from Toronto... There there were people there for over 10 hours... Do we have a problem?
Paul  ( September 17, 2018)
it has not gotten any better, we keep losing doctors. The hospital throws you out even if you are not healthy enough to go home. I sat in the waiting room for over 5 hours walked out went to walk-in clinic in Winnipeg - looked after me within 20 minutes. Even with a new hospital doctors do not want to stay here.
New guy  ( September 15, 2018)
I don't think we're going to see a new All Nations hospital in Kenora anytime soon. The province just spent $10 million on renovations at Lake of the Woods district hospital why would,they do that if they're just going to tear it down in a few years?