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Do you think the 2018 Ontario Budget provides enough support for northern municipalities, communities and residents?
No   79     66%
Yes   40     34%
 Total Votes: 119

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Jim  ( April 3, 2018)
Kenora does very well and we receive more than most communities this size. Lucky we have southern Ontario subitizing our way of life. Our wages, services and benefits are a lot better than anything in Manitoba. It's costly because of the local anti-development attitude.
Al  ( April 3, 2018)
This council should stop relying on what we are going to get from government and start using our money for things we need instead of carelessly throwing it away on stupid things that are not goinig to help this town. Look at the cost of everything. Nobody wants to come here. The Manitobans are bringing everything from Winnipeg, including gas.
Rob  ( April 2, 2018)
As long as they fund every special interest group and do not get back to basics, there will never be enough
Mutt  ( April 2, 2018)
I was brought up with the belief that one supports oneself. This town should do the same. Grow up, council and citizens, quit looking for freebies.
mike  ( March 31, 2018)
Mayor Dave should quit whining. The town of Kenora is the second biggest employer west of TBay. (The city spent a) million plus on a bridge we don't need (and) about 80 police compared to Steinbach. which has a bigger population which has 23. I believe something wrong here. Seems like spending is a major priority for this council, sounds like our premier and prime minister.
Josie  ( March 29, 2018)
Wynne talks a good tune, but her actions speak louder than words. She has broken Ontario in more ways than just financially. Lots of expensive promises as usual, but no real benefits for the North. Let's hope those dumbos in Toronto finally see the light and turn her out to pasture this time around.
JD  ( March 29, 2018)
Just a few scraps to entice the voters. They have had a decade to respect Northern Ontario. We are to quote a sitting MP. "no man's land"!
Wynne knows her reign of error is over and will spend more money in a desperate yet feeble attempt to hold on. She does not care about the corruption, massive debt or high costs of insurance and hydro.
Please voters lets make her and the liberals she represents go away!
John  ( March 28, 2018)
Our culture and economy is based on victimization and pity.
pk  ( March 28, 2018)
Another vote buying budget for the people of Toronto and not much for the rest of Ontario. Also good for people not even born yet.