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Do you think the City of Kenora is making progress in delivering on its Premier Boating Destination brand?
No   96     83%
Yes   19     17%
 Total Votes: 115

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sr  ( March 26, 2018)
You need good boat launches and parking plus more affordable waterfront restaurants. Use the $3.3 million revamp of post office road towards this. Locals are afraid to go to this area so don't try to funnel the tourists to this end of the town
concerned citizen  ( March 23, 2018)
To make it a boating destination you need a lot more boat launches, parking for trailers and cars for our summer residents. I am sick of the single lane traffic in Lakeside in the summer. We have to clean up the town. I find it more scary here than I have in years. Addressing the negative facts will make Kenora a place where people want to come and bring the family for a vacation!
broken prop  ( March 22, 2018)
You can't promote a destination without having the infrastructure to back it up, lack of ramps, lack of parking, docks with nails protruding, no bumpers on docks. Need I continue. Anybody can promote but can you back it up, not likely in our case.
My say  ( March 22, 2018)
Like it or not, tourism brings millions of dollars to Kenora and creates hundreds of jobs. Year-round tax-paying residents would be paying even more taxes if this city failed to promote itself as a tourism destination.
JD  ( March 21, 2018)
The city needs to look after the year round tax paying residents. The streets are in disgusting shape, there are used needles cropping up everywhere, drunks parading around the streets and shop lifting is rampant. Once you get off your boat, what is there to see beyond Main Street?