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Do you think the 2018 Federal budget provides enough support to municipalities for the repair and replacement of aging infrastructure?
No   63     59%
Yes   43     41%
 Total Votes: 106

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Kam  ( March 6, 2018)
If you read the fine print. This alleged infrastructure money, will not be doled out until after the next election.
As we all know, there will be a lot of promises, followed by a lot of disappointment after the election. We are too remote, have too small a population density and not enough Liberal supporters to justify very much.
Both federally and provincially, we do NOT exist. Time to join Manitoba!!
Kenora voice  ( March 5, 2018)
Infrastructure upgrading is long overdue in the Kenora district. This region needs all the help it can get and the federal government is lending a hand!
John  ( March 4, 2018)
They definitely do not give enough, all said tho our city council has spent a ridiculous amount of money on things we don't need then cry the blues about not getting anything from the feds. Council should have been looking at the infrastructure and saving our taxes for it rather than blowing it away. Infrastructure costs have caught up to us, now we are in big trouble
hello justin  ( March 4, 2018)
There never seems to be be anything for infrastructure in the budget to help small cities or towns but there always seems to be money around for The Clinton Foundation or Parliament skating rinks or more immigration. Hey Justin wake up and take care of Canadians we pay the bills.
Tim Francis  ( March 3, 2018)
Fire hydrants lay buried under snow on the Airport Road.
The town can't manage what they have now.
pk  ( March 3, 2018)
I think First Nations are the only ones who got any benefit out of this budget.
big george   ( March 2, 2018)
Mr. Nault, who in Kenora that pay taxes benefits from your budget?
Trey   ( March 2, 2018)
Here's a thought for the people that are running this town into the ground. Quit spending money on useless shenanigans, then maybe you'll have enough money to do things that are necessary for running the basic services this town needs. It's not effective to go crying to the feds all the time.
Pete  ( March 2, 2018)
As far as twinning the highway the police need to do their job and people need to learn to drive. Money goes to freedom highway and other things, worry about our infrastructure but this government spends too much on what we do not need.
JD  ( February 28, 2018)
After reading this budget over, I thought that I had fallen asleep and we had elected an NDP government. That being said, I am still waiting for the last promises for highway twinning. We will never see a cent of this alleged funding. Maybe the roads to Grassy and Whitedog will improve, but in general Kenora will still be in 'No Man's Land".