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Do you support the proposed one percent increase to the HST dedicated to improving municipal infrastructure?
No   108     86%
Yes   18     14%
 Total Votes: 126

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in agreement  ( January 28, 2018)
This is a full 1% of the HST collected dedicated to municipalities drawn from HST paid in the whole province. Other folks will be contributing to our city. This means an average of $4,000,000.00 to Kenora based on previous years HST totals. That for example, compares to 66% of our policing cost. Why would councilors vote or lobby for a tax increase that hits them too? Think about that. The last lobby that councils pushed successfully was for our share of the gas tax. We now receive our portion each year. I would like the see the nay sayers come up with a better way to get $4,000,000into our roads and other depreciating infrastructure or at least a constructive suggestion. It's a no-brainer folks.
concered citizen  ( January 27, 2018)
Is that 1% HST on my natural gas, hydro, and gas for my car, prepared food, clothing, and everything else I buy? When is this BS going to end? My pension does not cover all these added expenses. I thought the gas tax was supposed to pay for the bridges and roads. It is time to vote some new people into council that will shut down these tax increases.
gr  ( January 27, 2018)
The taxes never go to what government indicates they will be used for. We have heard this all before, gasoline tax for roads, taxes for healthcare, taxes for education. After taxes are imposed they are mysteriously siphoned off to some other pocket.
BOB - RIGHT ON!  ( January 26, 2018)
Absolutely right on! Use your critical thinking skills folks. Council is definitely on the right track on this one! It will absolutely mean more money in your pocket.
Carl  ( January 26, 2018)
We do not need another tax increase. We are already hammered with high gas prices, mysterious raises in sewer and water services,some foolish carbon tax, increased city taxes etc. What we do need is the current taxes we pay to be used wisely. There needs to be some accountability for all the high priced city jobs as well as all the government agencies that seem to be everywhere, yet accomplishing nothing. We live in one of the highest taxed countries in the world. Kenora has a lot of retirees, people on fixed incomes, welfare cases and people that can't fend for themselves.
bob zurunkle  ( January 24, 2018)
One per cent gets collected on sales tax, people who spend a lot of money are the ones who pay the most extra tax. Those who can't afford to buy lots of stuff still get the GST rebate. I don't have a problem with someone who can buy a $200K boat having to pay another penny per dollar. A lot of money would get collected, and, under the plan, the money would go directly back to the municipalities. Kenora would get over $4 million/year to repair roads, build sidewalks, fix bridges, build up our parks, Coney Island, and still be able to decrease residential taxes. What's not to like?
pk  ( January 24, 2018)
I don't think anybody minds paying their fair share of taxes but right now we are paying way too much. It's up to all levels of government to start using what they have now a little wiser. One per cent seems like very little but with the carbon tax, the escalating beer tax things are getting too expensive. Even our local utility bills and taxes are out of line.
JD  ( January 24, 2018)
We already pay enough tax. Spend the current tax dollars on infrastructure and other programs that help the average citizen. Quit blowing money on immigrants, illegals and unnecessary government trips.