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Are you concerned about the increasing use of vaporizers among students and youth?   Yes  February 13, 2019 
Will you be supporting one or more of the groups, activities or events during the Week of Action Against Poverty, Feb. 10-16?  No  February 6, 2019 
Will you be watching the Superbowl on an American broadcast network for the commercials?  No  January 30, 2019 
Do you think the recent hydro/natural gas company mergers will benefit customers in Kenora?  No  January 23, 2019 
Do you think the new All Nations Hospital will open in Kenora within the next 10 years?  No  January 16, 2019 
Do you feel the City of Kenora does an adequate job at winter road maintenance?  No  January 9, 2019 
Kenora city council recently decided to allow private retailers to sell cannabis within the municipality. Do you agree with this decision?   No  January 2, 2019 
Do you think 2019 will be a prosperous year for Kenora and its residents?  No  December 19, 2018 
Are you optimistic that Kenora's new mayor and council will champion the best interests of the community at the provincial and federal government levels?
No  December 12, 2018 
Do you support local residents of multi-unit dwellings calling on Kenora council to address high water rates in the city?  No  December 5, 2018 
Do you feel the spirit of the Christmas season is alive and well among residents of Kenora?  No  November 28, 2018 
Are you more optimistic today than you were a year ago that Highway 17 twinning between Kenora and the Manitoba border will proceed?  No  November 21, 2018 
Do you feel the province provides adequate funding for education to Kenora area school divisions?  No  November 15, 2018 
Are you satisfied with the accomplishments of Premier Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives now in their sixth month of a majority provincial government?  No  November 7, 2018 
Do you agree with the proposed relocation of the Northland Residence Bail and Bed program to a new location on Highway 17 East?  No  October 31, 2018