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Do you think a reductiion of beds at the LOW District Hospital will mean longer admission wait times for non emergency operations?  No  August 18, 2006 
Do you favour the continued operation of KMTS as an independent telco owned by the City of Kenora?  No  August 10, 2006 
Is an old Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction serious enough to make Americans pay $200 to enter Canada?  No  August 3, 2006 
Do you have safety concerns in downtown Kenora in the evening?  No  July 28, 2006 
Do you think the blockade was appropriately handled by the OPP?  No  July 20, 2006 
Should the forest industries stand on principle and reject the softwood lumber agreement negotiated by the federal government?  No  July 13, 2006 
Do you believe television weather channels provide accurate local forecasts?  No  July 6, 2006 
Do you think the Mayor of Kenora should be a full time position and compensated accordingly?  No  July 6, 2006 
With the demolition of the Adams Block, do you think the government should create more low income housing spaces in Kenora?  No  June 29, 2006 
Do you think kids should attend school 12 months per year?
No  June 22, 2006 
Do you think as a society we are overly obsessive about cleanliness?  No  June 15, 2006 
Should a law be passed requiring boaters to wear personal flotation devices (PFDs) while on the water?  No  June 8, 2006 
Do you think the names of convicted impaired drivers should be published in the paper?  No  May 28, 2006