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Do you think students should be allowed to have cell phones in the classrooms?  No  February 1, 2007 
Do you think the way we vote in Ontario provincial elections should be changed? Why?  No  January 25, 2007 
Do you attribute the rash of transport truck accidents on Hwy 17 last week to weather, road conditions, careless driving or all of the above?  No  January 11, 2007 
If a federal election was called today who would you vote for?  No  January 4, 2007 
Do you think 2007 will be a better year for the City of Kenora and its residents than 2006? Why?  No  December 28, 2006 
Are you going to join in on the Kenora Thistles celebrations planned for January?  No  December 21, 2006 
Are you prepared to make major standard of living sacrifices to decrease green house gasses?  No  December 14, 2006 
Do you agree Quebec is a nation within Canada as passed by parliament?  No  December 7, 2006 
Will you be getting a flu immunization shot this season? Why?  No  December 7, 2006 
Do you think the McGuinty government's energy policy is destroying the North?  No  November 23, 2006 
How do you feel about the new Kenora city council?  No  November 17, 2006 
Do you think religious education plays a part in raising children?  No  November 9, 2006 
Do you think we have a serious youth crime problem in the city?  No  November 2, 2006 
Have the candidate forums and campaign press coverage by local media influenced your decision on who you will vote for in the muncipal elections, Nov. 13?  No  October 26, 2006 
Which police service do you favour for the City of Kenora  No  October 19, 2006