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Question Open? Date
Do you feel the province provides adequate funding for education to Kenora area school divisions?  Yes  November 15, 2018 
Are you satisfied with the accomplishments of Premier Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives now in their sixth month of a majority provincial government?  No  November 7, 2018 
Do you agree with the proposed relocation of the Northland Residence Bail and Bed program to a new location on Highway 17 East?  No  October 31, 2018 
Are you satisfied with the municipal election results and the candidates who will form the next Kenora City Council?  No  October 21, 2018 
Do you support local businesses by shopping locally during Canada Small Business Week?
No  October 17, 2018 
Should Kenora residents have the option to cast their ballots at neighbourhood polling stations on election day as well as voting online or by telephone?  No  October 10, 2018 
Marijuana becomes legal on Oct. 17, do you think the new city council should pursue opening a dispensary in Kenora.  No  October 3, 2018 
Do you think Kenora school boards should follow the Winnipeg School Division in considering a 12 month academic year?  No  September 26, 2018 
Do you think the number of seats on Kenora city council should be reduced as is being proposed for Toronto as a cost saving measure for taxpayers?  No  September 19, 2018 
Are you satisfied with the level of medical and health care services currently available in the Kenora area?  No  September 14, 2018 
Do you agree with the political action taken by Premier Doug Ford and the provincial government on sex education in Ontario schools?
No  September 5, 2018 
Do you think Canadian trade officials are taking the correct approach on NAFTA negotiations with the U.S. and Mexico?  No  August 29, 2018 
What do you think is the most important local issue of the 2018 Kenora municipal election campaign?  No  August 23, 2018 
Are you concerned about cuts to provincially funded programs implemented by the Ford government over the summer?  No  August 15, 2018 
Do you think the city allocates enough funding in support of sport and recreational activities in the community?
No  August 8, 2018